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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people are more concerned about environmental hygiene than ever. Most of us still remember vividly how the hoarders snatched up bleach, alcohol, and hand sanitizer.

These normal disinfectants can kill pathogens such as coronaviruses, but high-touch surfaces, such as elevator buttons and handrails, need frequent re-application to be free of harmful pathogens.

Moreover, certain disinfectants may be irritating to human skin while others may pose health risks upon prolonged exposure. Toxic chemicals may also leash and get into our ecosystem, contaminating water and other resources.

In light of this, scientists and researchers have been looking for a solution with a long-lasting disinfectant with antimicrobial effect on various surfaces, while being safe for humans and the environment.

Understanding How Viruses and Bacteria Spread



Physical Contact

Confined Areas

Indirect Contact

Normal disinfectants destroy viral diseases like coronaviruses, but high-touch surfaces like elevator buttons and handrails require frequent re-application to remain pathogen-free. Furthermore, some disinfectants may irritate human skin, while others may cause health hazards if exposed for an extended period. Toxic chemicals with heavy metals may also contaminate water and other resources if they escape and enter our ecosystem. 

Virus lifespan on surfaces

In light of this issue, team of researchers from Hong Kong Polytechnic University has come up with a long lasting antibacterial & antiviral disinfectant that is made out of patented plant and crustaceans’ shell nano-particles that are bio-compatible, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

CareCoatex Pro can perform both direct contact killing and long lasting disinfecting effect. Continuously killing for up to 180 days thanks to its excellent film-forming ability and natural antimicrobial reagents encapsulated in it.

100% Natural Active Ingredients

Made Up Of Chitosan, Thymol & Purified Water

Last 180 Days

Surface Last Up To 19,800 Rubs

Free Of Heavy Metal

Non-toxic, Biocompatible & Environmental Friendly

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Irritant Free

Suitable For Sensitive Skin

Non- Alcohol Or Bleach

Alcohol & Chloride Free Formulation

Kills 99.9% Virus and Bacteria

Natural Molecules That Can Kill Even Covid19 & Harmful Bacteria

Normal Disinfectant

CareCoatex Pro

How CareCoatex Pro Works

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Killing Bacteria in wet state

CareCoatex Pro will form an impermeable film surrounding the bacteria and virus to prevent water and nutrients absorption to cause their deaths.

Killing Bacteria in Dry State

The electric charges on Chitosan polymer structure will have an electrostatic interaction with bacteria and viruses to impede their metabolism and DNA replication and finally kill them.

Breaking Germ Cycle & Virus Chain With
CareCoatex Pro

CareCoatex can destroy 99.9% of common bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus) and viruses (such as H1N1 and HCOV-229E) effectively and quickly, making it excellent for disinfection, contamination control, and epidemic prevention. CareCoatex can be sprayed on a variety of at room temperature under normal conditions. It dries quickly and does not affect the material’s appearance or feel. 

Bacterial Reduction Efficiency Test

Virus Reduction Efficiency Test

Usage Safety Test

Quality Is CareCoatex Pro's Core Quality

The CareCoatex antimicrobial coating has won a Gold Medal at the prestigious International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva’s “Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days – Virtual Event.” 

Professor Pauline Li Pei | Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology

CareCoatex Pro's Active Ingredients

Purified Water


Thyme Oil

Areas Of Application

CareCoatex fast drying properties is suitable for almost all high-touch surfaces such as elevator buttons, door knobs, mobile phones, laptops, toys and keys. Providing you an ease of mind to live in a hygiene and healthy environment up to 180 days.


  1. Pre-clean the target surface

  2. Spray 1-3 times on the surface at a distance of 15-20cm until covered by the disinfectant.

  3. Leave it dry naturally (within 5 minute)

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